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More fatal workplace accidents on oil-field -- Texas man killed

Typically, when a fatal accident occurs in the workplace, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration will investigate to determine the cause of the accident and whether any safety guidelines were violated. OSHA is currently investigating an oil-field accident in another state in which a Texas resident lost his life. Unfortunately, workplace accidents on oil-fields can often be deadly. However, the man's family may be able to find some relief through civil action.

Workplace accidents leading to deaths on Texas oilfields

The oil boom has brought a lot of positive changes in Texas, including a financial boost to the economy and employment opportunities. Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad. Workplace accidents at these oilfields are certainly cause for concern.

Automobile accident leads to death of a Texas infant

Accidents, regardless of their severity, are an unfortunate reality on most Texas roadways. One of the most tragic types of car accidents are those that involve pedestrians. In many cases, an automobile accident that involves a pedestrian can have serious and/or fatal consequences. In a recent South Arlington accident, tragedy struck as a father and his child were waiting at an intersection.

Industrial accidents in Texas oil fields - New regulations ahead?

Here in Texas, the oil industry is growing steadily and changing the lives of many residents for the better. Even so, it is not without risk to those who work in the oil fields and live in the surrounding area. Efforts are underway to impose new safety regulations, meant to minimize industrial accidents and keep employees and the public safe. Lately, these efforts have spawned opposition from the industry.

Industrial accidents can be part of Texas oilfield industry, fath

Here in Texas, many families are a part of the oil industry. This industry is responsible for creating jobs, improving the state's economy and bettering citizens lives overall. Unfortunately, there are risks with jobs in an oilfield that sometimes harm employees. These often labor-intensive occupations can cause employees to suffer injuries and may even be lethal. One father here in Texas is mourning the loss of his son who died in one of these industrial accidents.

Workplace accidents on the rise in Texas oil industry

The oil industry here in Texas has resulted in gains for the state economy. The jobs that the industry creates have helped employees care for their families in a time when the entire country was suffering through a financial crisis. However, there are dangers associated with these types of jobs where injuries can be likely and tragic fatalities are happening too often. Workplace accidents can cost employees their lives and recent statistics highlight the risks that these workers must contend with.

Fatal automobile accident tied to fatigue of oil field worker

The oil industry here in Texas has greatly benefited our citizens. The creation of new jobs and boost to our local economy has had a ripple effect even to those who do not directly work in the industry. Unfortunately, this also means that there have been some negative effects as well. Experts say they have seen a rise in crashes in communities where the oil industry is concentrated. One automobile accident involving oilfield workers has many authorities questioning the possible ramifications associated with the booming oil industry.

Workplace accidents in oil fields increasing with industry

Oil drilling is important here in Texas. The recession saw a decrease in hiring across all industries, and oil and gas were no exception. Recently, these jobs have begun to increase again. While that is a great benefit to the state and those who live here, it has also caused a rise in fatal workplace accidents in the oil fields.

Workplace accidents: OSHA investigates fatal fall in Texas

For most people, going to work every day is part of a routine. Many are fortunate enough to work in a field that they not only enjoy, but that poses little physical danger. Some people must put themselves in harm's way as part of their daily work life. There are times when that risk leads to unfortunate consequences, such as injury or even death. Recently, a worker in Texas fell to his demise, and now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating this as one of many workplace accidents.

Wrongful death: The cost of oil field explosions in Texas

In Texas, oil mining is a way of life for many families. Many people in our state depend on the industry for their livelihood. However, there are times when this industry poses a danger to employees of an oil mining company, EMS responders and innocent bystanders. Recently, the unthinkable occurred, and a disposal well exploded near Nixon. A man was injured and sent to the hospital with unspecified injuries, but the accident could have been much worse, even resulting in a wrongful death.