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Drunk driving accident cases are legally complex and emotionally charged. Serious injury and wrongful death claims require an attorney with comprehensive knowledge of state law, specifically the Texas Dram Shop Act and the changes made by the state Supreme Court. Texas residents injured or grieving the death of a loved one also need an attorney who focuses on identifying the party or parties responsible for a life-changing collision.

At The Bates Law Firm, we take on the complexity of dram shop claims with aggressive and compassionate legal advocacy combined with a commitment to get to the facts.

Drunk Driving Accident And Wrongful Death Claims Involving Multiple Defendants

The Texas Dram Shop Act once held those who provide, sell or serve alcoholic beverages responsible for injuries suffered by an impaired driver in a drunk driving accident. Following passage of the act, the Supreme Court modified the law to hold drivers and liquor store and bar owners accountable if they were more than 50 percent responsible for the drunk driver's actions.

Those who serve alcoholic drinks or sell liquor have a certain level of responsibility to those patrons driving away from their bars, restaurants or stores. Providing more alcohol to an obviously intoxicated customer presents a significant danger to not only that individual but also anyone sharing the road during the drive home.

Our attorney conducts in-depth investigations on the events leading up to the tragic, life-changing event. Through statements by witnesses and findings by accident reconstructionists and other experts, we identify the cause of the collision and the immediate and long-term impact on injured victims and grieving family members.

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