What is Eagle Ford Shale?

Eagle Ford Shale is arguably the largest and most active shale play, or oil and gas formation, in the world. Named after the town of Eagle Ford, the shale play is located in South Texas. With depths ranging from 4,000 to 14,000 feet, record drilling levels and wells producing over 4,000 barrels per day of oil initially, Eagle Ford Shale has redefined the Texas oil industry and is expected to continue for decades to come.

Eagle Ford Shale development is having a major, positive impact on the Texas economy. With approximately 250 rigs drilling for and extracting oil, almost 40,000 jobs are supported in the counties where the majority of drilling is occurring. As production continues, job opportunities are likely to grow in surrounding counties as well.

Eagle Ford Shale accidents and injuries

While the job growth is beneficial in many ways, an unfortunate side effect is an increase in oil field accidents. Texas state and federal regulations provide strict safety measures, but the oil industry is still a dangerous field to work in and accidents are common. Research into drilling methods, such as fracking, suggests that the method itself can cause injuries. The dangers inherent in oilfield jobs, coupled with the rush of companies - including inexperienced start-ups - to fulfill job needs and extract oil, means that many ordinary precautions and safety regulations are ignored and the likelihood for serious accidents increases.

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