Eagle Ford Shale Oil Field Accidents Attorney

Oil field work is a high-risk activity. Men (and women) work in close proximity with heavy equipment. Long hours are typical for oil field workers. High-pressure fracking operations as well as traditional oil wells both put workers at risk. In the past few years, oil field work in South Texas has expanded greatly because of all the new Eagle Ford Shale oil wills. Increased oil field developments bring with them increasing numbers of oil field accidents. Eagle Ford Shale oil field accidents lawyer Harry S. Bates helps injured oil field workers recover compensation for catastrophic injuries and serious injuries occurring in this environment.

Oil field accidents do not always have to do with oil and gas-specific equipment and circumstances such as pipeline explosions. They often involve incidents such as:

Such accidents could happen anywhere, but the particular implements and activities in oil fields put workers at harm's way all too often. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the most common oil field accidents have to do with transportation and contact with heavy machinery and equipment.

Oil Field Accidents And Workers' Compensation

If you were injured on the job in connection with oil drilling or any other aspect of the oil field industry, attorney Harry S. Bates can advise you on how to get your workers' compensation claim underway promptly, to develop a strategy which may result in recovering benefits for injuries and any permanent disability. At the same time, he is prepared to evaluate your case for any possible third-party liability claims that may provide you with additional compensation.

Oil Field Accidents And Third-Party Liability

If you were injured because of the negligence of third parties, such as property owners, architects or contractors who failed to follow or employ oil field safety measures or manufacturers of defective machinery or equipment, we help you seek compensation through personal injury litigation.

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