Undertrained Truck Drivers

Prepared to develop a strategy which may result in recovering compensation from negligent trucking companies

Tractor-trailers, semis, big rigs and other large commercial trucks have long dominated the Texas highway profile. However, demand for truck drivers has skyrocketed in recent years, dramatically increasing the number of large trucks on our roads and freeways. Now, largely due to the boom in Eagle Ford Shale drilling in South Texas, the demand for drivers outweighs the supply. While start-up trucking companies strive to meet this demand, many lack the proper training and awareness of safety regulations. Because of this, trucks pose a greater threat to other drivers than ever before.

The Bates Law Firm is based in San Antonio, giving us firsthand knowledge of how the drilling boom is affecting the roads and trucking industry in South Texas. As a local attorney focusing solely on personal injury, Harry Bates understands the complexities of Texas truck accident claims and the best methods for recovering full compensation from insurance companies or through litigation against negligent trucking companies.

Truck driver training and trucking company negligence

Drivers may be held liable if they fail to follow state and federal safety regulations and truck accidents result, but the trucking companies that employ them are responsible when they fail to adequately train their drivers, or when they negligently hire poor drivers. Drivers, as well as other trucking company employees, should be trained in all aspects of the job, including:

  • Required licenses
  • Proper loading and unloading of vehicles
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Required rest hours and maximum driving hours
  • Proper vehicle maintenance and inspection
  • Recordkeeping

Drivers hauling oil field equipment , which may be heavy and oversized, may require additional training on safety and how to share the roads with other drivers.

Protecting the injured from insurance companies

In most cases, compensation for injuries or loss of life caused by trucking accidents is paid by the trucking company's insurer. Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for undervaluing claims. At The Bates Law Firm, we offer victims of truck accidents protection from trucking company's insurance by using more than 25 years of experience and a strong professional reputation - including the prized Texas Super Lawyers designation in 2006, 2009-2017 by Thomson Reuters - to develop a strategy which may result in a fair settlement for our clients.

Protect your right to compensation with the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Texas

At The Bates Law Firm, we protect the injured and the families of victims killed in truck accidents - not insurers or trucking companies. For assistance throughout South Texas from a board-certified lawyer by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, contact us online or call 210-226-3777, toll free at 877-716-3777 today to schedule a free initial consultation.