Nail Gun Accidents

Offering strong representation for people with nail gun injuries in south Texas

Nail guns are often used in construction work and wood-production industries because they are easy to use and efficient. Nail guns are powered by either an explosive charge or compressed air, which projects nails, metal studs and other projectiles into wood, metal, concrete and other materials. High-velocity nail guns have enough force to fire a projectile up to 4 inches long at a velocity of up to 1,400 feet per second into fully stressed concrete.

While nail guns are convenient and efficient construction tools, their power to project sharp objects into hard surfaces makes them very dangerous. At The Bates Law Firm, we provide high-quality representation backed by more than 25 years of legal expertise to workers and others who are injured by nail guns in San Antonio and throughout South Texas.

Types of nail gun accidents in Texas

In the typical nail gun accident, a worker is injured during routine use of a nail gun. In most of these on-the-job injury cases, our San Antonio lawyer helps clients recover benefits by filing a workers comp claim - even if the accident was caused by employer negligence, such as failing to provide safety training, or by coworker negligence. However, if the accident was caused by a third party or a defective nail gun or other product, we are strong courtroom advocates who help you seek compensation through personal injury litigation. We represent clients in injury cases resulting from all types of nail gun accidents:

  • Accidental discharge
  • Careless handling of equipment
  • Inadequate training or safeguards
  • Overpenetration of materials by projectiles
  • Ricochet or shattering of the projectile
  • Structural unsoundness of the receiving material

Nail gun injuries and treatment

The most common nail gun injuries affect the hands, and range from minor tissue damage to structural damage to the bones, tendons or nerves. Nail gun injuries can be even more severe if they occur elsewhere on the body.

How nail gun injuries are treated depends on the severity of the injury, its location and whether there are barbs, which may cause more damage. With barbed nails, surgical removal must be handled with even greater care. Our Texas attorney has the knowledge, experience and resources to help you recover workers comp benefits or injury settlements or verdicts that fully compensate you for your injuries so you can get the medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages and other benefits you need.

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