Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is an enjoyable pass time, fun way to exercise and a great means of transportation. But when the unforeseeable happens, a bicycle accident can result in injury, death, medical bills, lost wages, insurance hassles and emotional pain and suffering. Bicycle accidents may be caused by factors such as:

  • Collision with a motor vehicle
  • Collision between a bicyclist and a road obstruction
  • Malfunction in the bicycle itself
  • Collision between two cyclists
  • Poorly designed or maintained roadway

Although many law firms handle personal injury cases, not all attorneys are experienced in handling bicycle accidents. The Bates Law Firm of San Antonio has the experience and knowledge to handle your bicycle accident claim. Our experienced personal injury staff can help when you or a family member has been injured in a cycling accident.

Factors involved in bicycle accidents:

  • Specific bicycle traffic laws that apply at the site of the accident
  • Reconstruction and investigation process for the bicycle accident
  • Speed at which the bicycle traveled and its braking and cornering capability
  • Negotiation of bicycle accident claims with an insurance company
  • Trial of a bicycle accident case in court
  • Potential jury prejudice against bicyclists
  • Establishment of the value of a bicycle accident victim's diminished capability

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