Crime Victims

If you are a crime victim in Texas, seeing justice done by a criminal court may be personally satisfying. But it does nothing to offset your medical bills and other expenses. Fortunately Texas lawmakers realized this, and in 1975 established the Compensation to Victims of Crime Fund and Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) Program. This program receives funding from a variety of sources, including donations, court and parole fees, federal grants, and restitution from offenders. Under the CVC program, victims of violent crime may receive a Texas victim's compensation payment from the Fund of up to $50,000. Crime victims in Texas who suffer permanent disability may receive up to $125,000 to offset medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses necessitated by disability.

Not all violent crime victims qualify for benefits under the CVC Program. And the application process can be complicated. Victims seeking compensation must qualify under the law, complete the required application, and provide necessary documentation. A San Antonio crime victim attorney at The Bates Law Firm can analyze your situation to see if you qualify, determine whether seeking benefits through the CVC Program is the best course of action, and guide you through the process gradually.

Civil compensation for crime victims in Texas

Unfortunately, the CVC Program may not be adequate for all crime victims in Texas. The CVC Program does not provide benefits to victims of nonviolent crimes and does not compensate victims for property damage. Moreover, seriously injured victims may have losses in excess of the maximum benefits provided under the CVC Program.

If this is the case, you may have other options. In most cases, a victim of crime who suffers a physical injury or loss of property also has a civil claim against the person or persons responsible. While the state may hold criminals responsible by issuing fines and jail sentences, a victim may seek compensation from them or another responsible party through a lawsuit in civil court. But as in all lawsuits, strict time limits apply to suits by crime victims. It is important, therefore, to promptly contact a lawyer.

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