Motorcycle Accidents

While the open road, fuel efficiency, and low-cost maintenance of motorcycle riding are attractive to many Texans, the thrill of riding dies quickly in the path of a negligent motorist or the grit of poorly maintained pavement.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) there were over 400 fatalities among motorcycle riders and their passengers in 2010. The youngest victim was five, while the oldest was 75.

Motorcycle accidents cause disabling and deadly injuries. With over 27 years experience throughout south Texas, Harry Bates is a San Antonio motorcycle accident lawyer with a record of success for clients suffering injury due to the negligence or fault of others.

Because motorcycles lack the protection of an automobile or truck cab, riders and their passengers are particularly vulnerable to injury, including the following:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI), disfigurement, and skull fractures
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI) causing full or partial paralysis
  • Broken bones, lacerations, cuts, and serious internal injury

Legal claims for motorcycle accident injury

Experienced motorcycle accident attorneys must prepare and present compelling evidence their client was not at fault for the accident that caused their injury. Sometimes dismissed as thrill-seeking and irresponsible, motorcycle riders face an uphill battle to recover compensation for serious or disabling injury they suffer through no fault of their own.

With a reputation for ethical and legal excellence in San Antonio, Harry Bates is a skilled accident lawyer dedicated to the personal needs of clients. Board certified in personal injury by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Mr. Bates is highly qualified and practiced at obtaining needed compensation for motorcycle injuries through insurance negotiation or courtroom verdict.

Determining the cause of a motorcycle accident is a necessary step to proving a claim of negligence. Some of the more common causes of motorcycle accident include:

  • Distracted and inattentive motorists
  • Defective motorcycle parts or bike breakdown
  • Motorcycle rider inexperience or lack of riding ability
  • Roadway obstruction or impediments

Getting legal help in San Antonio

If injured in a motorcycle accident, get medical help, and then contact The Bates Law Firm. Retaining our firm ensures thorough investigation of your accident and aggressive pursuit of your claim for compensation. We do not represent corporations or insurance companies. Instead, we represent the wrongfully injured who need strong legal representation to protect their rights- and their future. Contact us online to schedule a free, initial consultation or call 210-226-3777, toll free at 877-716-3777 today.