Wrongful Death

The roads are dangerous enough without putting alcohol into the mix. But nevertheless the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that in 2010, four million drivers in the United States drove on public roads with blood-alcohol content in excess of the legal limit, on 112 million separate occasions. Drunken driving accidents account for one out of every three crash fatalities. In 2009, drunken driving caused 11,000 road fatalities and 2.3 million injuries requiring emergency treatment.

Drunken driving is a choice, one by which an adult driver actively decides to disregard the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. When this reckless and irresponsible conduct causes injury or death, these individuals must be held accountable for the damage they caused. That is why The Bates Law Firm prides itself on holding drunken drivers civilly accountable for their actions. As a auto accident attorney, Harry Bates puts over a quarter century of civil litigation experience to work for you.

Seeking justice for your injury

Drunken driving accidents exist in a class apart from typical car accident litigation. It takes an experienced lawyer to fully pursue these claims and to procure just compensation for an injured client. At The Bates Law Firm, we understand how important financial security can be following a serious injury. We fight to protect the rights of our clients, secure fair awards, judgments, or settlements in their favor, and ensure that they ultimately receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses associated with a serious injury.

But in some cases, responsibility for a drunken driving accident may go beyond the drunken driver. In cases where the responsible driver is uninsured or otherwise lacks the resources to pay just compensation, an experienced attorney may be able to obtain relief from other sources. Texas law places some responsibility upon public establishments that serve or sell alcohol. If these establishments act negligently-such as by selling to a visibly intoxicated individual-they may be liable in some cases. This can be invaluable in cases where the responsible drunk driver is unable or unwilling to pay a judgment or settlement to the injured party.

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