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Oil and gas extraction enterprises in the Eagle Ford Shale area are bringing billions of dollars into the region. Along with economic growth come many hazards to workers as well as area residents travelling on streets and highways crowded with commercial vehicles involved in mining and fracking. The oil and gas development currently underway in the Eagle Ford Shale region of South Texas has brought with it rapidly increasing:

  • Economic activity
  • Jobs
  • Population growth
  • Traffic
  • Stress and strain on infrastructure
  • Deterioration of roads and highways
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Accidental deaths

Along with employment and economic stimulus in the area, there has been a fair amount of suffering due to accidents caused by increased population in this region south of San Antonio. People often worry about potential for large-scale catastrophes such as pipeline explosions. Such occurrences are rare, but there have been quite a few serious accidental injuries and fatalities caused by less dramatic, but nonetheless disastrous occurrences such as pipes falling on workers or cranes and heavy machinery crushing workers.

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Many businesses and individuals are winners in this era of intense oil and gas drilling in the area. Others have a great deal to lose. Quite a few workers as well as private citizens have suffered serious injuries and others have lost their lives due to:

Experts report common causes of truck accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale area as follows:

  • Inexperienced, under-qualified truck drivers
  • Fatigue of truck drivers and workers who have put in long hours of lucrative oil and gas drilling activity
  • Inattentive driving
  • Alcohol and drug consumption by motorists combined with congested traffic ways

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