Dog Bites

Dogs play an important part in the lives of many people. But they are still animals. And like any animal, they can be unpredictable and, sometimes, dangerous. Dogs are powerful animals and even small dogs have the potential to cause great harm if they attack. This is especially true when the victim is a young child. If you or a loved one incurred medical expenses because of a dog attack, an attorney at The Bates Law Firm in San Antonio may be able to help. The law holds owners responsible for the actions of their pets in most circumstances. If you suffer injury from a dog attack, you may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other intangible losses.

Texas dog bite laws

Texas dog bite laws hold owners strictly liable for animal attacks if they knew of the vicious propensities of the animal, or if the animal had a prior record of attack. But even in cases where a dog has no prior record or indications of viciousness, an owner may still be liable if he or she acted negligently or violated a law or ordinance meant to prevent dog attacks-such as leash laws. A skilled San Antonio dog bite lawyer can gather evidence to help prove an owner was negligent.

In addition to recovery for the victim, if you witnessed a dog attack a loved one firsthand, you may be entitled to compensation for mental anguish. Witnessing a vicious attack upon a close relative can be an extremely traumatic experience. It can cause anxiety and other mental disorders and can necessitate costly therapy and other psychological treatments. Under Texas law, these losses may be compensable as a negligent infliction of emotional distress. If you experienced anxiety or other psychological symptoms after witnessing a dog attack upon a close relative, a lawyer may be able to help both you and the attack victim recover compensation.

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