Pipeline Explosions

San Antonio lawyer offering experienced representation after explosions and fires

When oil and gas companies or their employees fail to adhere to safety regulations or take shortcuts to maximize profits, explosions at oil refineries or pipelines can result, causing environmental disasters and catastrophic injuries. At The Bates Law Firm in San Antonio, Harry Bates, a board certified attorney, by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization, focuses solely on personal injury law to provide expert representation and help accident victims obtain full and fair compensation for serious injuries and losses.

Causes of oil pipeline and refinery explosions

Negligence, carelessness and safety violations, including violations of OSHA regulations, are common causes of oil refinery and pipeline explosion in Texas. Improper training and operator error, poor maintenance and repairs and defective machinery, equipment and materials may also contribute.

Unfortunately, pipeline explosions and fires caused by negligence and product defects are all too common. Our lawyer at The Bates Law Firm provides steadfast assistance for victims of explosions resulting from all types of causes:

  • Pipeline punctures and dents, often caused by heavy excavation equipment
  • Faulty pipeline mapping
  • Failed gaskets
  • Metal fatigue and corrosion
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • LF-ERW pipeline failures
  • Inadequate pipe coating
  • Chemical damage
  • Miter bend breaks
  • Weld defects and failure
  • Pipe damage during shipping
  • Failure to discover and address pipeline failure
  • Gas leaks and explosions
  • Other pipeline defects

Explosions at oil refineries

Oil refinery explosions are some of the most serious industrial accidents that occur in Texas. The process of refining crude oil is dangerous and each step needs to be handled with extreme care. Employees must be properly trained to handle dangerous chemicals, machinery and processes, there must be strict regulations and oversight, and maintenance and proper repair of all buildings and equipment is essential to avoid deadly explosions. When problems do occur, such as an oil or gas leak, only prompt action can save a refinery from major disaster.

Injuries caused by oil pipeline and refinery explosions

Injuries caused by oil and gas explosions are often life-altering - burns, amputations, head injuries, spine injuries and other injuries may be extremely painful and require extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation or long-term care. Scarring from burns caused by explosion fires, chemicals or steam and permanent disabilities may affect your ability to earn a living and perform daily life functions.

At The Bates Law Firm, our lawyer understands how explosion injuries affect all aspects of your life. We are dedicated to helping the injured, as well as families who have lost loved ones, no matter how complex the case or how long it takes.

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