San Antonio Jackknife Truck Accidents Attorney

The term "jackknife" accident refers to the pivoting of a tractor-trailer where it joins with the cab of the truck, as if it were a jackknife opening and closing. Many different circumstances can lead to a jackknife truck accident — one of the most dangerous occurrences in traffic. Rainy road surfaces are just one cause of jackknife truck accidents. Tires with worn treads are another, when they cause a truck to lose traction. Brakes failing while going down a hill can also trigger a jackknife truck accident. Unstable loads can throw a truck off balance, contributing to a jackknife crash.

A jackknife truck accident on a highway very often creates an instant death trap for other vehicles travelling at speeds between 50 and 70 miles per hour. Broadside crashes of cars against the side of a truck's trailer stretched across the roadway inevitably cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities.

The challenge, if you have been seriously injured or if your loved one has been killed in a jackknife truck accident, is to prove that a truck driver was somehow negligent. Excessive speed or failure to inspect a truck's load before setting out on a trip are two examples of a truck driver's error that can lead to jackknifing, putting others at risk.

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