Train Accidents

Trains are powerful machines capable of causing immense destruction. This danger extends to railroad passengers, employees, and bystanders alike. A Texas train accident can cause substantial property damage, severe and disabling injuries, and even death.

While some of the same principles apply, train accident litigation is vastly different from other types of personal injury. Trains are large and complex pieces of machinery operated by experienced crews. Determining what went wrong following a train accident usually requires a high degree of technical knowledge. That is why it is crucial to consult a Texas train accident lawyer who has experience handling this type of case. At The Bates Law Firm in San Antonio, we work with top engineering and technical experts to investigate your accident and hold those responsible for your injury accountable for their negligence.

Why train accidents are different

Besides the technical knowledge necessary to pursue Texas train accident litigation, other factors also contribute to the unique and challenging nature of this area of law. Companies that transport people on trains may be subject to a higher standard of care than that required of most businesses. Understanding when and how this standard applies can be crucial to the success of a Texas train accident claim. Experienced attorneys thoroughly understand the applicable law and can use their knowledge to aggressively pursue your claim.

If you are a railroad employee who sustained an injury on the job, you may have remedies available greater than those that Texas workers compensation laws provide. The Federal Employment Liability Act (FELA) allows employees of railroads engaged in interstate commerce who are injured on the job to sue their employer for negligence. While the standard of proof is higher than in a workers compensation claim, the potential recovery is also higher, including full compensation for past and future lost wages and medical bills and noneconomic damages such as for pain and suffering.

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