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November 2013 Archives

Truck accident in Texas results in fatalities and injuries.

Trucking is a major part of American life in Texas and elsewhere. We depend on trucks to transport many different commodities for the betterment of our lives. Unfortunately, there are times when those same big rigs pose a threat to our safety. Recently, a truck accident in Texas highlighted this danger.

Wrongful death: The cost of oil field explosions in Texas

In Texas, oil mining is a way of life for many families. Many people in our state depend on the industry for their livelihood. However, there are times when this industry poses a danger to employees of an oil mining company, EMS responders and innocent bystanders. Recently, the unthinkable occurred, and a disposal well exploded near Nixon. A man was injured and sent to the hospital with unspecified injuries, but the accident could have been much worse, even resulting in a wrongful death.

Pipeline explosion in Texas result of negligent actions?

Thick, black smoke covering the sky is a scary sight when being told to evacuate your home. Knowing that liquefied petroleum is mixing with the air one is breathing can lead to questions about personal safety, the safety of loved ones and also possible negligent actions that caused the situation in the first place. Residents of Milford, Texas, recently faced this dilemma when a nearby natural gas pipeline exploded.

Minor accidents can lead to major injuries

Concussions, fractures and burns are all injuries that can happen when a person is involved in a major car accident, but what about a fender-bender? It’s easy to brush off these types of accidents as minor and think that no long-term harm can come as a result. But for those in Texas who have been in a minor accident, the reality may be quite different.