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August 2014 Archives

Truck accident may be more likely in Eagle Ford Shale region

The rock formation in Texas known as Eagle Ford Shale has been a source of vast economic benefit. The oil and gas produced from that region has resulted in a welcome supply of jobs that have helped many families. Unfortunately, the increase in activity in that area has also given way to an increase in crashes, particularly ones involving commercial trucks. A truck accident can be particularly harmful to anyone involved due to the sheer size of the vehicle.

Texas oil field truck accident claims 3 lives

The oil industry here in Texas has done so much for the economy. It has given people employment and a way to care for their families as well as boost local businesses. Unfortunately, these positive effects sometimes come at a price. The larger trucks that are now on the roads are more likely to cause fatalities if they are involved in crashes. This is what authorities claim happened in a case involving an oil field truck accident that resulted in the deaths of three people.