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July 2014 Archives

Car accidents in Texas often due to negligence

When car crashes occur, they can be devastating to any victims and those unlucky enough to lose a loved one in the accident. While some car accidents are a result of impaired driving, others can be directly attributed to other types of negligence such as speeding or reckless driving. The authorities are attempting to determine exactly what occurred to cause a collision here in Texas that set two vehicles ablaze and left one man dead.

Woman faces criminal charges after fatal oil field truck accident

After a fatal accident in which a mother and two of her children lost their lives, the other driver involved in the crash was arrested and is facing criminal charges. The 22-year-old Texas woman is suspected of driving her oil field truck while intoxicated. The woman now faces three charges of intoxication manslaughter resulting from the deadly commercial truck accident.

Man sentenced in Texas fatal semi-truck accident

When a life is cut short, it is tragic in any circumstance. Yet, when it happens to a child, it can seem doubly upsetting, since the victim hasn’t even had the same chance at life as an adult. Two years ago, a semi-truck accident here in Texas took the life of an 11-year-old girl, and only recently, the man accused of causing the event was sentenced.