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March 2014 Archives

Industrial accidents can be part of Texas oilfield industry, fath

Here in Texas, many families are a part of the oil industry. This industry is responsible for creating jobs, improving the state's economy and bettering citizens lives overall. Unfortunately, there are risks with jobs in an oilfield that sometimes harm employees. These often labor-intensive occupations can cause employees to suffer injuries and may even be lethal. One father here in Texas is mourning the loss of his son who died in one of these industrial accidents.

Workplace accidents on the rise in Texas oil industry

The oil industry here in Texas has resulted in gains for the state economy. The jobs that the industry creates have helped employees care for their families in a time when the entire country was suffering through a financial crisis. However, there are dangers associated with these types of jobs where injuries can be likely and tragic fatalities are happening too often. Workplace accidents can cost employees their lives and recent statistics highlight the risks that these workers must contend with.