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February 2014 Archives

Rear end collisions claim lives, Texas family mourns three people

Car accidents in Texas are an unfortunate certainty. Many times they truly can be considered an accident -- no one involved did anything deliberate or negligent to cause the crash. However, in other cases these accidents are a direct result of unlawful actions. Rear end collisions often result from the carelessness of a driver who causes them. Recently here in Texas, two young women reportedly died as the result of this type of crash and police are investigating the driver of the vehicle that hit them.

Fatal automobile accident tied to fatigue of oil field worker

The oil industry here in Texas has greatly benefited our citizens. The creation of new jobs and boost to our local economy has had a ripple effect even to those who do not directly work in the industry. Unfortunately, this also means that there have been some negative effects as well. Experts say they have seen a rise in crashes in communities where the oil industry is concentrated. One automobile accident involving oilfield workers has many authorities questioning the possible ramifications associated with the booming oil industry.