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December 2013 Archives

Texas car accidents often fatal

Car accidents are an unfortunate occurrence in Texas. Fatal accidents that are preventable are especially tragic. The loved ones who are left behind have the difficult task of attempting to carry on with their lives, all the while knowing that the person they mourn did not have to die. Recently, one of these car accidents took the life of a mother and injured her daughter. Police say that another woman is to blame for the crash.

Workplace accidents: OSHA investigates fatal fall in Texas

For most people, going to work every day is part of a routine. Many are fortunate enough to work in a field that they not only enjoy, but that poses little physical danger. Some people must put themselves in harm's way as part of their daily work life. There are times when that risk leads to unfortunate consequences, such as injury or even death. Recently, a worker in Texas fell to his demise, and now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating this as one of many workplace accidents.