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Texas oil worker loses benefits related to back injuries

When oil workers here in Texas are injured on the job, they are often entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Injures related to this line of work have the potential to be incapacitating and workers may have to rely on these benefits for income over a long period of time -- sometimes for the rest of their lives. A man who suffered back injuries related to his former job with an oil refinery had his medical benefits suspended after he'd been relying on them for over twenty years.

Workplace accidents on the rise in Texas oil industry

The oil industry here in Texas has resulted in gains for the state economy. The jobs that the industry creates have helped employees care for their families in a time when the entire country was suffering through a financial crisis. However, there are dangers associated with these types of jobs where injuries can be likely and tragic fatalities are happening too often. Workplace accidents can cost employees their lives and recent statistics highlight the risks that these workers must contend with.

Rear end collisions claim lives, Texas family mourns three people

Car accidents in Texas are an unfortunate certainty. Many times they truly can be considered an accident -- no one involved did anything deliberate or negligent to cause the crash. However, in other cases these accidents are a direct result of unlawful actions. Rear end collisions often result from the carelessness of a driver who causes them. Recently here in Texas, two young women reportedly died as the result of this type of crash and police are investigating the driver of the vehicle that hit them.

Fatal automobile accident tied to fatigue of oil field worker

The oil industry here in Texas has greatly benefited our citizens. The creation of new jobs and boost to our local economy has had a ripple effect even to those who do not directly work in the industry. Unfortunately, this also means that there have been some negative effects as well. Experts say they have seen a rise in crashes in communities where the oil industry is concentrated. One automobile accident involving oilfield workers has many authorities questioning the possible ramifications associated with the booming oil industry.

Alcohol-related crashes in Texas all too common

There are those drivers who make the dangerous decision to drive while intoxicated. These drivers are more likely to cause car accidents that result in injury or even death. Anyone unfortunate enough to be affected by one of these alcohol-related crashes may have anger toward the driver who caused the crash. There is no satisfying explanation for why someone would choose to drive drunk. Recently, a man in Texas was accused of driving under the influence after colliding with another vehicle on an interstate and police are working to determine if he is, in fact, the cause of a 14 car pile-up.

Workplace accidents: OSHA investigates fatal fall in Texas

For most people, going to work every day is part of a routine. Many are fortunate enough to work in a field that they not only enjoy, but that poses little physical danger. Some people must put themselves in harm's way as part of their daily work life. There are times when that risk leads to unfortunate consequences, such as injury or even death. Recently, a worker in Texas fell to his demise, and now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating this as one of many workplace accidents.